I am an actor. I am fascinated by humans. Their stories and the amazing potential everyone carries inside. I am interested in helping people become their best version and achieve their dreams.

In my life, I had the opportunity to meet humans from all over the world, which shaped me into the person I am today. I was born in Slovakia, but Communism was ruling the country and my parents decided to escape their home with my brother and I shortly after I turned 2.

I grew up in Germany and moved to America when I received a Division 1 Tennis scholarship for the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. There, I took my first psychology course and it sparked my fascination to learn more about how we humans work.

After my undergrad degree I made my way to grad school for acting in film in Los Angeles. I’ve learned how to observe people and their body language. It also taught me to read in between the lines of what people say and what they actually mean. Acting is all about human behavior and it’s beautiful. But most of all, I learned a lot about myself, my fears, my desires and my reactions.

While following my acting career, teaching tennis to young and old, I delved deeper into spirituality and the science behind it. I’ve learned from a lot of teachers including Brian Shiers and Shinzen Young and eventually I got certified as a Mindfulness Teacher, Performance Coach, and Life Coach. I’m still an actor and still write screenplays. I am still a coach that loves to learn.

I am currently pursuing my master’s degree in Psychology for Mental Health and Well-Being.


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What is coaching?

Coaching is a collaborative approach for individuals and organizations to grow more quickly and achieve more fulfilling results. Coaching helps clients in all aspects of their lives, including sports performance, business, career, money, health, spiritual and relationships. It enhances clients’ learning and performance, and puts the client into the driver seat of their life. It’s an empowerment for better goal setting, decision making and better usage of one’s natural strength.

“Coaching is a dynamic partnership to enhance and accelerate a person’s learning, performance, and happiness while walking through this human experience on earth, called life.”

How would you feel if you’d have someone holding your hand while following your deepest desires and dreams?

What would you do? What would your life look like?

Coaching is solution oriented, self-directed and being in charge has a healing effect on body and mind.

What to expect

We’ll work on your personal and professional goals.

Things to ask yourself

What’s the most important change you’d like to make in your life, assuming you had enough support to do it right?
What will it take for you to be even more successful?
What would make your personal life better?
What can you think of that may improve your career/business?
What’s the first thing we’d work on together?
Are you ready to get started?

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